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Немного юмора
sdgfggewdДата: Пятница, 13.12.2013, 22:09 | Сообщение # 286
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<a href="http://www.xunjie.com/">xunjie</a><a href=http://www.xunjie.com/>xunjie</a>

Since 2005, Chengdu Customs seized a total of 30 cases of infringement of intellectual property rights, and 80 from the mail, parcels, courier postal channels, the officers analysis, mainly due to the continuous development of online shopping in recent years and the growing number of personal items by post. Sales in Asia rose by 27 compared to the same period, faster growth than other regions, Asia accounted for 9 of total sales. The website comments on the BBS who are mine. According to statistics, from 2011 to 2012 the South African wool production from 2009 to 2010 decreased to 44,800 tons 48,200 tons, mainly because in January 2011 the Western Cape Province Rift Valley fever outbreak. CPPCC member and chairman of Suning Appliance to promote a real identity online transactions. "The South China Sea Sunny underwear, then in 2005 launched the domestic program. This manuscript is reproduced in other media for the dissemination of more information, such manuscripts not represent our views, this site does not assume joint and several liability tort manuscript. </p>
п»ї<p>In this highly recognized by customers, so that we Lvxianruyi, always maintain vitality, and in the market in an invincible position! 2011, Blanc floor sounded a comprehensive marketing network to expand the domestic high-quality ChongFengHao, will adhere to the resource sharing, collaboration and win-win marketing ideas, marketing management team has a mature, broad and comprehensive team of distributors to achieve sales network throughout the country, to build a good foundation. Seemingly fluctuating fashion vane, in fact, not so elusive <a href=http://www.peterandshane.com/fashion-katespade.html>ケイトスペード アウトレット</a>
. If you are due to copyright issues need to contact with the webmaster, please contact within 30 days <a href=http://adidas.kane-tsugu.com/>アディダス スニーカー</a>
. The website comments on the BBS who are mine <a href=http://watchstore.euromed2012.org/>ロレックス 時計 メンズ</a>
. bad infringing content reporting telephone 0755 -88,839,690 Tel :0755 -8,883,969,029,064,080 Fax 755 -29064053 E-mail: pef6 china-ef <a href=http://jp-chanel-shop.tumblr.com/>シャネル 財布</a>
. More popular in recent years, "wholesale" concept, that is, the entity like Baima clothing wholesale market moved to the network, allowing network at home as long as consumers move a finger, you can store a large number of wholesale clothing room visit, Like actual out parade generally true, but without the crowds everywhere <a href=http://www.chocolatepersians.com/watch/omega/ladies/>オメガ 時計 レディース</a>
. Especially Nike store , Adidas stores and other foreign companies to enter the Chinese market <a href=http://www.gagawatch.euromed2012.org/>ガガミラノ時計レディス</a>
. Yifeng Textile and Garment City America pedicle child costume design, general manager Zhou micro-light introduction: "helps to improve brand awareness apparel design industry environment, more and more companies see the importance of design, from the rapid development of the industry this year indications, the brand is king of the road design concept has been recognized by the majority of garment enterprises <a href=http://www.gagawatch.euromed2012.org/>ガガミラノ時計 メンズ</a>
. Where 19 is Prada, 6 home for Miumiu <a href=http://watchstore.euromed2012.org/>ガガミラノ 時計</a>
. August 25, China Daily Mall is the door on the second floor branded apparel market will be fully opened its doors <a href=http://binside-tv.com/fashion/tom-ladies/>トムス 靴</a>
. "Sex goddess" Angelina Jolie, sculpted body fit tailored dress sexy tattoos and body combinations, without too much jewelry she is flashing the audience <a href=http://www.peterandshane.com/fashion-katespade.html>ケイトスペード 店舗</a>
.<br />
rqfdgfdgjzuДата: Пятница, 13.12.2013, 22:10 | Сообщение # 287
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п»ї<p>Despite the relatively low interest on bank loans, but many banks require companies to pay finance advisory fees, consulting fees. these outsize mens world-class brand in the minds of consumers is a symbol of quality <a href=http://buydiablo3.com/newbalanceshoes.html>ニューバランス スニーカー</a>
. According to Taobao sellers in Shenyang, said Wang Bing, Lei Feng hats are hot selling this year than in previous years, sales of good times a day to sell more than 400 pieces <a href=http://ball-gaga.urbanvinyltoyshop.com/>ガガミラノ 時計 新作</a>
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. "STO good momentum of development, Sequoia Capital and other companies to discuss cooperation" Jane Cable costumes Only 20 employees from rapidly grown to more than 200 staff, from only 1,000 square meters of factory with 8,000 square meters to 2,000 square meters of factory and office space, the pace of development in the industry is also one of the best "Jane Cable Garments Co <a href=http://www.2saveonmagazines.com/products/furla-bag/>フルラ バッグ アウトレット</a>
. The website comments on the BBS who are mine <a href=http://www.foodmotionclips.com/>ガガミラノ 時計 新作</a>
. Industry analysts believe the move is perhaps Dolce Gabbana brand strategy adjustment begins <a href=http://www.precisionmediagroup.com/search/furla/wallet/>フルラ 時計</a>
. Association also wants to use the power industry, in collaboration with the brand incubator, creating fast-growing channel, to jointly promote the development of small and medium garment brands <a href=http://www.wattlegrovestud.com/watch/nixon/vega/>ニクソン 腕時計 </a>
. Follow the market trend, "snow bamboo" in the industry first proposed the "fashion underwear" concept, with "fashion underwear" into the market, to change the traditional sense of the habit of wearing underwear in comfort on the basis of further meet consumers personality requirements, through the style, fabric, pattern, color, lace applications, the curve shape of the body and other aspects of innovation, reaching beyond repair within the role of the underwear has a value outside the United States <a href=http://www.gottagettawebsite.com/>アディダス スニーカー 新作</a>
. In the Chinese garment industry to enhance the development of another period of transition for the new generation of clothing elite gathering the wisdom and strength to continue to promote the prosperity and development of the apparel industry, China National Garment Association to determine set up a "Chinese clothing Young Entrepreneur Salon" hereinafter referred to as "salon " <a href=http://moncler-sale.diaturkiye.com/>モンクレールダウン レディース</a>
. In this way, they can control your diet, neither will make you an empty stomach, will not let you open the belly to eat <a href=http://tomfordglass.gejigeji.jp/>トムフォード サングラス アウトレット</a>
.<br />
Technology: automotive beauty chain stores opportunity suddenly struck, automotive beauty chain has occupied the automotive after market unshakable position, automobile automotive beauty beauty Franchise unified standard technology and personnel training. 9 , slightly better than the first half of the 16. Garden supplies exhibition garden tools, artificial flowers, dried flowers and bonsai classes 110th year turnover decreased by 29. This manuscript is reproduced in other media for the dissemination of more information, such manuscripts not represent our views, this site does not assume joint and several liability tort manuscript. This manuscript is reproduced in other media for the dissemination of more information, such manuscripts not represent our views, this site does not assume joint and several liability tort manuscript. 2012, various financial media, economists have on the world economy, "bad-mouthing" the Chinese economy is still thriving? In rain or shine unknown macroeconomic environment, in this "when others are in fear," Do you have emboldened "greedy", the crisis into an opportunity? 2012, was "bad-mouthing" of the world economy, the retail bear the brunt of the economic slowdown, companies of various costs, increasing pressure on the stock interwoven factors affecting, in 2012 retail clothing is not optimistic, the major brands have slowed shop rate, lowered growth expectations. The website comments on the BBS who are mine. Danish services are developed, in 2007 its output value up 72. </p>

juyhgfylrvДата: Суббота, 14.12.2013, 02:20 | Сообщение # 288
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<a href="http://www.xunjie.com/">xunjie</a><a href=http://www.xunjie.com/>xunjie</a>

<a href=http://www.chocolatepersians.com/watch/nixon/player/>ニクソン 時計 人気</a>

п»ї<html><head><title></title></head><body></br>REVIEW: Women of all ages match holds the most used this particular tumble year, 1 supplement, Slender smaller match phenotype, an expression with model is extremely simple concave, possibly this celebrities may also be enjoy that. </body></html> <a href=http://www.newsneaker.euromed2012.org/>ナイキ スニーカー</a>
pimgffvbbhwДата: Суббота, 14.12.2013, 03:01 | Сообщение # 289
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<a href="http://www.xunjie.com/">xunjie</a><a href=http://www.xunjie.com/>xunjie</a>

п»ї<p>Electric heating is the use of electric heating device converts electrical energy into heat energy, through direct or indirect heat exchange, supplement the heating device through the loss of heat insulation materials, and the use of temperature control, to track and control medium heat tracing equipment temperature, so that at a reasonable and economical level. regional direct sales revenue fell 5 of the global sales rose 31 percent to 303 <a href=http://chinatourhelp.com/minnetonka-outlet.html>ミネトンカ メンズ</a>
. Quanzhou Dong Xiang Chemical 283 34 Dezhou Huayuan Textile Co <a href=http://jp-chromehearts.tumblr.com/>クロムハーツ ネックレス 人気</a>
. Advanced customization is precisely such a "strange" things that need a "circle" recognition, rather than "public <a href=http://www.precisionmediagroup.com/search/furla/wallet/>フルラ 財布 新作 2013</a>
. In order to strengthen the textile and garment industry development potential of this advantage, three counties have also seize the eastern industrial transfer opportunities, active integration into the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone, into Germany with the cotton industry, and strengthen the textile and garment industry, supporting and services, deepen regional cooperation, focusing on Undertake associated with the textile and garment enterprises and projects <a href=http://chromehearts-store.tumblr.com/>クロムハーツ財布 メンズ</a>
. In product development, Yin Sheng is now the main wool knitted fabric, fabric to make Seiichi class reputation in the market started to help businesses maintain a stable development <a href=http://jewelryshop.euromed2012.org/>ティファニー ネックレス ゴールド</a>
. 72 cents lb, last month rose 1 <a href=http://www.cedartownweddings.com/speedmaster.html>オメガ 時計 人気</a>
. new music to see, plus the companys Canadian bomb bomb workshop equipment operating at full capacity, production and marketing situation optimistic <a href=http://chinatourhelp.com/minnetonka-sale.html>ミネトンカ サンダル</a>
. If you are due to copyright issues need to contact with the webmaster, please contact within 30 days <a href=http://www.trulyunbeleivable.com/fashion/louisvuitton-sale/>ルイヴィトン バッグ 新作</a>
.<br />
For example, Wal-Mart has a standard called worry return service, clothing, cosmetics can also enjoy the return service <a href=http://chinatourhelp.com/minnetonka-outlet.html>ミネトンカ キッズ</a>
. If you are due to copyright issues need to contact with the webmaster, please contact within 30 days <a href=http://vieques-map.com/shopping/tomford-shop/>トムフォード メガネ メンズ</a>
. End of the year drew to a close is because the days afterwards, the New Year as clearance. Syrian authorities say they are encountered by foreign aid, well-armed militants. Dual Mountain Group profit nearly half of the accession of new products in Jiangsu 10 years rapid double Hill Group for 10 years. 6, Diamond Express Chinas first full- video display for sale, Chinas largest online shopping spot diamond jewelery brand. "For over 80 years, Zippo has been committed to providing consumers with classic, durable, reliable products. But no matter how difficult, we must attack up. If you are due to copyright issues need to contact with the webmaster, please contact within 30 days. This manuscript is reproduced in other media for the dissemination of more information, such manuscripts not represent our views, this site does not assume joint and several liability tort manuscript.<br />
ljdedseyroyynДата: Суббота, 14.12.2013, 04:23 | Сообщение # 290
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The website comments on the BBS who are mine. But the show is still glowing from fashion editors passenger group found that many blockbusters with 2009 2010 are very popular elements of the powers of a single product, such as a small shrug suit, punk shoes, handsome tassels and wild leather pants. TWINKIDS is both stylish and practical brand, the pursuit of high-quality products with affordable prices, the overall fashion culture and lifestyle perfectly coordinated. Gap need to improve their fashion sense to closely follow the trend of the competitors in the Inditex Group in front of HM and remain competitive. In the social media age, brand is not single-handedly created by the company, but for consumers to create and definitions. modern production lines and R D of new products.<br />
п»ї<p>Development so far, AVIVI Yawei Wei has been established throughout the country brand stores 205, product quality has been recognized by U. As a leader in domestic bee brand, has great market space <a href=http://gaga-mens.akronrollergirls.com/>ガがミラノ時計</a>
. In other words, the consumer has never been due to recession in luxury compromise on quality standards <a href=http://brandpaulsmith.lnhb.org/>ポールスミス 財布 メンズ 長財布</a>
. On the export side, 1-10 months in 2012, Manila hemp fiber and manufacturing projects exports fell by 25 <a href=http://www.divinedoodles.org/item/coach/shoes/>コーチ シューズ</a>
. Ginger, cut into thin slices, cut 3 to 5 spare <a href=http://coachbag.jogacomfiguito.com/>コーチ バッグ</a>
. The other side is more lively colors, dance is filled with bright pink, green, metallic colors and so on <a href=http://www.crystaltrophiesusa.com/watch/gagamilano/>ガがミラノ時計</a>
. The Yanai this face is paid quarterly up to 500 patterns UT finishing problems <a href=http://omega.kiyo-masa.com/>オメガ 時計 メンズ 人気</a>
. Automotive beauty training instructors personal demonstration <a href=http://coachbag.jogacomfiguito.com/>コーチ 長財布</a>
. The website comments on the BBS who are mine <a href=http://www.wmajorleaguebaseball.com/brand/best-gagawatch/>ガがミラノ時計 レディース</a>
. Anna Dello Russo is the design of fast fashion brand HM exposure Anna Dello Russo is the design of fast fashion brand HM exposure Anna Dello Russo is the design of fast fashion brand HM exposure This manuscript is reproduced in other media for the dissemination of more information, such manuscripts not represent our views, this site does not assume joint and several liability tort manuscript <a href=http://www.brandboot.euromed2012.org/>UGG ブーツ 正規品</a>
. Lady Gaga pattern VT 2013 was the Rolling Stones - The Rolling Stoness fiftieth anniversary, they are living fossil rock, rock and roll there is proof body, they are old and solid <a href=http://www.buckeyelutheran.org/item/mcm/dogbag/>MCM リュック</a>
.<br />
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Because mens shoes is more detail changes and elegant comfort, respected handmade rigorous attention to detail perfect. Better not choose hard or too soft, lack of support, lack of stability of shoes, such as sandals, flip flops, slippers or sets foot boat shoes soft shoes and so on. </p>
п»ї<p>He said: "In Nanjing, the National Games on the podium, put on sponsors products in Japan, do not think there is much wrong with it? " Fashion, personality, offbeat, rebellious, "and so it has not adjectives left the small waves, his every shot, always seems people do not understand. 36 , the effective purchase multiple of 2 <a href=http://canadagoose-vest.ptdrinks.com/>canada goose jakke dame</a>
. Although the company has repeatedly Foreign emphasize the development of e-commerce in the United States has nothing to do with the decline in performance, Li Ning, the operating conditions are recovering <a href=http://www.modifylasvegas.com/brand/canadagoose/coat/>canada goose jakke herre</a>
. Reporter from the Fujian shoes industry association got an amazing data: According to incomplete statistics, Quanzhou, childrens products industry throughout the year so far, at least 30 billion in receivables outstanding <a href=http://canadagoose-baby.allserve24.com/>canada goose jakke pris</a>
. " Peak Sport CEO Xu Zhihua said, "Pick the basketball shoe market has been cultivating for 20 years, has accumulated rich store marketing resources and product development and marketing experience, Peak only has NBA, FIBA and other important international basketball resources, but also with the international advanced research and development platform through further integration of resources and technological innovation, confidence in the future of Olympic competition in the market continues to lead <a href=http://canadagoose-sale.allserve24.com/>canada goose jakke norge</a>
. In addition to the production of canvas shoes, often beyond the flesh, the brand has launched in recent years to create materials such as wool and feather shoe style, while this is to spend with waterproof nylon production, while at the rear of the shoe plus a waterproof zipper setting, both to strengthen waterproof function, but also more convenient to wear off, and exudes a stylish atmosphere <a href=http://www.chinesechicago.com/>nike free run</a>
. However, the high cost of designer brands force prices stubbornly high, many consumers also said that the high price of clothing will make them prohibitive <a href=http://www.akaedition.com/>nike free run tilbud</a>
. Stephen enterprises listed "to", is considered Chinas capital market and the internal environment is getting better, the reform of the positive regulatory measures are closely related to the cumulative effect gradually <a href=http://www.kingairsixyear.com/canadagoose-jacket.html>canada goose jakke bГёrn</a>
. According to the criminal investigation department where Jade believed, at present, not including Frederick Law Directory adjust the new tune into the 120 enterprises, Yantai port area 79 garment export enterprises within the directory, about 20 of the business losses, in the cut, semi-shutdown state, most of the other low-profit enterprises remained level <a href=http://www.metzcafes.com/category/45/>ugg slippers sale</a>
.<br />
Vladimir R Roitfeld Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld and supermodel Lily Donaldson affair is very famous <a href=http://canadagoose-kids.ptdrinks.com/>canada goose jakke sverige</a>
. Reporter in an interview that the capital market near the famous high imitation goods more and more, so that consumers difficult to distinguish between true and false <a href=http://www.pumhfoundation.org/brand/canadagoose/ladies/>canada goose jakke bodГё</a>
. Cox 1957 died acquisition of "Dayton Evening News" Dayton Evening News , the founder of the company. 34 billion the month, an increase of 12. From the current point of view, for non-Olympic marketing, the Red Dragonfly some really cool, is not due to "non-Olympic sponsors identity was tied. Since 2011, Chinas textile industry has been committed to accelerate the transformation of development mode, the annual production, exports have achieved steady growth, but the growth rate has declined month by month, to increase the operating pressure of the textile industry. Built large-scale footwear technical schools, training for various grades of skilled workers than 1 million people. Nevertheless, luxury is still their main electricity supplier luxury. But plants have not yet built the business to talk about, except for the wit, the segment most lamented brother is - "do in advance, this is who I grew Hu learned.<br />


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<a href="http://www.xunjie.com/">xunjie</a><a href=http://www.xunjie.com/>xunjie</a>

<a href=http://chinatourhelp.com/women-boots.html>UGG ブーツ激安</a>

п»ї<html><head><title></title></head><body></br>REVIEW: knitwear, happens to be very well liked. A number of conditions might put on <a href=http://www.tjsullivaninla.com/brand/louisvuitton-shop/>ルイヴィトン 財布</a>
. Korean model belonging to the often fairly sweet sweetheart identifiable having attractive colours, classy model belonging to the form <a href=http://jewelryshop.euromed2012.org/>ティファニー ネックレス</a>
. </body></html> <a href=http://www.tjsullivaninla.com/brand/louisvuitton-shop/>ルイヴィトン 財布</a>
ljdedseyrotymДата: Суббота, 14.12.2013, 08:20 | Сообщение # 293
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п»ї<html><head><title></title></head><body></br>Abstract: The structure on the shoes would be to very own one of the best sensation believed by way of everyone may realize along with turn towards useful video or graphic terminology satisfactory. This specific demands you to look for a healthy way in order to resolve the particular casino shoe bottoms <a href=http://www.wmajorleaguebaseball.com/brand/best-gagawatch/>ガがミラノ時計</a>
. <a href=http://www.divinedoodles.org/item/coach/shoes/>コーチ サングラス 新作</a>
. <a href=http://www.peterandshane.com/ladies-watch.html>オメガ 時計 メンズ 人気</a>
. <a href=http://www.diggerbraymiller.com/fashion/oakley-scalpel/>オークリー 店舗</a>
. <a href=http://www.mobileglaucoma.com/brand/paulsmith/watch/>ポールスミス 財布</a>
. <a href=http://sneakerstore.euromed2012.org/>アディダス スニーカー レディース</a>
. 400-680-3996 sales channel companions: onerenshoes <a href=http://www.diggerbraymiller.com/fashion/oakley-scalpel/>オークリー サングラス レーダー</a>
. world wide web <a href=http://gagamilano-brand.4cassie.net/>ガがミラノ時計 レディース</a>
. cn Provider E-mail: salesshoes <a href=http://www.diggerbraymiller.com/fashion/oakley-scalpel/>オークリー サングラス</a>
. world wide web <a href=http://bootswinner.twocoolcookies.com/>UGG ブーツ 正規品 バイマ</a>
. cn</body></html>.

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The website comments on the BBS who are mine. This is a rare fashion feast, last week, more than 10 designers will be their new spring and summer 2013 clothing, carefully packed by air from New York to Chengdu, the value of each piece of clothing in the million. Consumption concept: "heavy decorative light fitting" is widely respected heavily decorated, decoration focus on the decoration of the room, such as furniture, decorations, etc. Same time to strengthen earthquake monitoring, and effectively prevent secondary disasters caused by aftershocks, and make proper resettlement of affected people, safeguard social stability in the disaster area. Reporters learned that, in energy-saving products Huimin engineering, home appliances subsidy payment process is the subsidy funds will be allocated to production companies, production enterprises through retail outlets by the time of sale payment to consumers. It is reported, February 9, 2011, Michelle participated in NBCs "TodayShow". 113 billion euros, an increase of 4 ; imports of 148 million pairs of shoes a total of 1.<br />
bad infringing content reporting telephone 0755 -88,839,690 Tel :0755 -8,883,969,029,064,080 Fax 755 -29064053 E-mail: pef6 china-ef <a href=http://www.peterandshane.com/ladies-watch.html>オメガ 時計 激安</a>
. Bossini Wiriyaporn Mahaudompun senior brand manager, said in Central Plaza store will sell full range of products, including women, men, children and youth services <a href=http://moncler-sale.diaturkiye.com/>モンクレールダウン クリーニング</a>
. Core box with temperature control components <a href=http://www.diggerbraymiller.com/fashion/chanel-cambon/>シャネル 財布</a>
. Recently, "the source Blanc de Chine" Princes Building, The Landmark in Hong Kong to open new stores, unique natural continuation of oriental elegance, to show the world the unique charm of Chinese culture <a href=http://monclerkids.jumpnjakes.com/>モンクレール キッズ</a>
. Nam is a coastal county-level city, count the surrounding area has 1 <a href=http://gaga-milano.vestalvision.com/>ガがミラノ時計 レディース</a>
.<br />
п»ї<p>" For this reason, always pay attention to the industry will be the tournament contest organizers theme of "Reconstruction and symbiosis" in the hope of fashion designers participating in the creation of works in the industrial and commercial development context, for the essay. British Foreign Secretary William Hague incumbent william hague 1997 he was elected as the Conservative Party, after visiting a theme park, it was wearing a baseball cap to show off yourself <a href=http://gagamilano.oaceonline.org/>ガがミラノ時計</a>
. He Wenbing photo February 13, should xuanen elderly learned from the news channel after the disastrous fires, they must be secretly resolved to raise money for the disaster fellow clothes <a href=http://bootstall.stapleyplumbing.com/>UGG ブーツ 正規品 最安値</a>
. The website comments on the BBS who are mine <a href=http://lvshop.youngdesign83.com/>ルイ ヴィトン 長財布</a>
. The company has called on Sri Lankan currency devaluation to help them with low-cost Asian producers competition <a href=http://www.diggerbraymiller.com/fashion/oakley-scalpel/>オークリー サングラス 人気</a>
. 5, the scale of its operations must be in the local little influence <a href=http://www.mobileglaucoma.com/brand/oakley/eyepatch/>オークリー サングラス 人気</a>
.<br />
Industry insiders estimate that in 2013 the growth rate reached the bottom of the autumn and winter, no further decline in 2014, but the industry is still waiting for the inflection point, maintaining the apparel industry "recommended" rating. It is understood that in 2013 the slogan Solomon bike is "doing the most effort bicycle", the reporter found that 30 new products from the urban pavement, pavement and then to explore the road to the mix, every model from the "effort" word proceed through each accessory rational combination of effort to achieve results. Zhangs sister to buy a VCR, ask him for help. For aging men never feel as sensitive woman. Color stitching Miu Miu Miu Miu this seasons design is very intriguing, splice and mix and match elements abound. bad infringing content reporting telephone 0755 -88,839,690 Tel :0755 -8,883,969,029,064,080 Fax 755 -29064053 E-mail: pef6 china-ef. </p>
pwerotsДата: Суббота, 14.12.2013, 11:10 | Сообщение # 295
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Recently, according to the latest news shows, the Adidas confirmed that the company will close the last one in China directly under the plant. The geographical scope is to Malls, is likely to come to the surrounding radiation to the store to buy the place of residence of the consumer. This manuscript is reproduced in other media for the dissemination of more information, such manuscripts not represent our views, this site does not assume joint and several liability tort manuscript. Join Hotline 023 -67,957,007 orders welcome message consultation, we will first contact your companys leading brand Yue Ding paradise happy incense pot series, with a unique and distinctive flavor type dishes, the consumer has won pole Big recognized set off in Chongqing Ding Yue cuisine paradise happy, happy life consumption whirlwind. This manuscript is reproduced in other media for the dissemination of more information, such manuscripts not represent our views, this site does not assume joint and several liability tort manuscript. </p>
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